Shredded Chicken Breast Prep

Shredded Chicken Breast Prep

Are you a meal prepper? (You will see this question again!)

Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not.

When Justin takes to the grill on Fridays, he cooks up enough meat for a few meals. Usually a pork loin and some chicken, occasionally steak.

We tend to cook a lot of food one or two days each week. Throughout the week, one of us will warm up whatever food is to be eaten that night. It makes dinners quick on the days we don’t cook.

Last week I made a bunch of shredded chicken. I filled the crockpot to the top with frozen breasts, a splash of water (which you may want to drain off later) and added a few squeezes of Italian dressing.

The crockpot was set for 8 hours and we went to bed.

The next morning I woke up to this half-full crockpot of cooked chicken breasts.

I pulled out my hand mixer, stuck the beaters in the crock pot, and turned it on.

Within minutes we had enough shredded chicken for the rest of the week. I also did some other prep, but I can tell you about that later.


Some ideas for shredded chicken:



Salad (either a salad with chicken or a chicken salad )

Chicken and dressing (or stovetop)

Chicken hamburger helper

Dorito chicken

Chicken and dumplings

Chicken casseroles

You can also just eat the shredded chicken with some side dishes. My kids love that it’s easy to chew and I don’t have to cut it up for them.

This completely inexact recipe made enough chicken that we ate it on Monday in tacos, Tuesday with StoveTop and a veggie, Thursday on top of a salad and Friday with white beans and green beans for Supper. Justin used it in several salads at lunch and I took it to lunch with me for several days. We currently have 3 kids who all ate and enjoyed it (sometimes multiple portions). There was still some left on Saturday.

Next time I will try freezing some and see how it turns out after that!

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