How this RD Shops for Groceries

How this RD Shops for Groceries

How often do you go grocery shopping? I like to go once a week or less. Shopping for long periods of time is how I learned as a child, because we lived in the country. BUT I still do it that way as an adult because it’s easier to stick to a budget and to a healthy eating plan.

I start my shopping by looking in the pantry and freezer. I check to see what meats, veggies, starches, and breakfast stuff we already have. I had practically nothing this week because we had used up most of my stocked foods.

If you have ever been to my house you know we don’t buy beverages other than milk, unless we are picking up WIC, and beer on weekends. We also don’t buy snack foods very often. We typically have popcorn or fruit for snacks, and occasionally goldfish.

The base for my list is: Meats, Vegetables (Canned, Frozen, Fresh), Fruit (Fresh), Dairy, Starches, Breakfast items.

I make my menu based on what we already have in the cabinet + what is on sale at the local stores +what sounds good at the time.

There is a store near where I live called 10 Box. It’s a cost + food warehouse. The store claims that foods are priced at the cost it takes to purchase and ship + an additional 10% at the register. I don’t know exactly how true that is, but their advertised prices are phenomenal! I purchase most of our meat there and I also buy milk and fruit when I go.

It’s not in the town where I live, and their best meat deals are large packages, so I usually only go there once or twice a month. I only go when we have room in the freezer and fridge for lots of food items, and we don’t have a deep freeze, so I wait until we are pretty much out of meat.

Before I go to the store, I look at the ad. This week they had boneless, skinless chicken breast for 1.37/lb and 80/20 ground beef for 1.95/lb. The chicken was the bagged kind, where the chicken was individually frozen before being bagged and was sold in 5 lb bags, so I got 2. The ground beef is frozen in ~10lb rolls so I only got 1. That makes for a fairly full freezer for us once we add in frozen veggies and the ice bin. That amount of meat will feed our family for about 2 weeks!

I also got some fruit, eggs, and milk, but I will need to go to the local grocery store to get more of those before I need more meat.

After that I usually go to Kroger or Walmart for other items like the frozen veggies, starchy foods like stuffing and mac n cheese, coffee creamer, cheese, bread, and condiments. I buy my home goods items at Target because they have a good selection of stuff that is not tested on animals, and most of our hygiene products I get at TJMaxx, so those things are a separate trip, just when we need them.

Tell me about your grocery shopping master plan. Do you have one? Are you needing more information about how to make a plan?


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  1. As a vegetarian with growing biceps and triceps, I like to keep things simple, but focus on proteins and fresh foods. We usually start by planning a 2 week schedule. I check to see how much cheese we’ll need. Cheese in everything in our family. We usually have 1-3 taco nights a schedule because it’s tried and true (plus it’s cheap and who doesn’t love tacos). I’ll pick up about 4-6 packages of extra firm tofu which usually lasts the 2 week period. Plenty of spices so a spice and herb check is necessary. We may try something new one night, so we’ll keep that in the back of our heads. We’ll purchase for a night of cous cous, Alfredo, pizza (once), and whatever other meals seem right. Usually our budget for 2 is $150 every 2 weeks. Not too bad but I’ll be tuning in for more tips! Thx for posting

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