Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow Cupcakes

Do you bake or buy your birthday fare? Do you like to decorate, or leave it pretty plain? It was birthday frenzy time in our house recently.

I knew ahead of time that one of my newest foster babies had a birthday coming (curious about how we got into fostering? That’s next up). Luckily she was coming from a home with foster parents I knew and they had a party planned. It was too late for any of our people to make it to the party, but at least she had a party and she had a lot of people that she was familiar with, that were able to come.

I found out the day of their arrival that an older child had a party 2 days after the littlest one. Uh, oh.

We had a party to throw together in just a few days. It happens when you foster. We know a few families who have had similar situations.

We decided on a pool party, no gifts, everyone just pay their own admission into the pool. Unfortunately, it rained and the pool was closed. We had her party at church and our fabulous youth director (ministry program director) took us to the country club pool after it was over.

Back to the cakes…I am a baker, not a buyer when it comes to cakes. My mom always made our cakes, so that is just what I am used to.

But I wanted her cupcakes to be pretty, not just plain. If she hadn’t had the pretty ones, I don’t think she would have cared, but she was so pleased with how these turned out, I am glad that I spent some time on YouTube learning how to do it.

The cupcakes are funfetti and the icing is canned, with added powder sugar to stiffen it and some food coloring to make the pretty rainbow swirls. I was pretty nervous, but they turned out pretty well.


I used a Kitchenaid mixer and ended up over-beating the cake batter, so all of my cupcakes fell, but you couldn’t tell once the icing was on!

They were delicious! All of the kids and adults enjoyed them, and she was so excited about how pretty they are. It almost made me want to do some more baking!

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